Volts Resistências has been developing heating elements since 2002 through its own technology and manufacturing. We are a reference in providing solutions for the sectors of gastronomy, refrigeration and maintenance.


Any and all heating elements to your project:

Whether for application immersed in liquids, dry, ventilated or not, we have the ideal solution for your equipment.
Heating elements for gastronomy and refrigeration products that guarantee the required quality and the certainty of the best choice.

Special Projects

If you have any specific idea or demand, our sales and engineering team is ready to answer your questions and help you develop the best project according to your needs.
Bring your project to Volts.

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Quality Control

One of Volts' great differentials is its high technology and quality used in its parts. Volts has a strict quality control, which also has the latest equipment, testing 100% of the parts. Tests such as: ohmic resistance, dielectric strength and electrical insulation, according to INMETRO Ordinance 371 and IEC 60335-1.

Process Control

Volts has a team of Methods & Processes to guarantee the efficiency and quality of all its production.

Highly Qualified Professionals

Professionals highly trained and specialized in their processes.

Strict Tests

Quality Tests that guarantee the best product for the customer, for their total satisfaction.

Qualified Raw Material

Suppliers of high standard, always approved by Engineering, thus guaranteeing the best for our heating elements.